ایستگاه چهاردهم: مصاحبه کاری

ایستگاه چهاردهم: مصاحبه کاری

در این قسمت به بررسی لغات و اصطلاحات مورد نیاز در یک مصاحبه کاری می‌پردازیم. بعد از اتمام این استگاه شما قادر خواهید بود که از ان اصطلاحات در یک مصاحبه کاری استفاده کنید.
تمامی مکالمات این اپیزود از English Business Pod استخراج شده است.

بخش اول

State-owned – Cornered that specific market – Ahead of the pack – Let’s get down to business – Off the ground – Raise the bar – Put the customer first – Think outside the box – To hold others hand – Long range vision – Constructive criticism- Learn the ropes – On the same page – Keep your eye on the ball – Up in the air.

مکالمه اول

Michael: So, Alexander, have a seat. How are you doing today?

Alexander: Well, to tell you the truth, it’s been kind of a bad day.

Michael: Oh? Sorry to hear that.

Alexander: Yes. Well, it’s raining. I don’t really like rainy days.

Michael: I see. Right. So how about on a good day? What do you like to do in your spare time?
Alexander: I like reading and er… watching TV.

Michael: What’s your favorite TV show?

Alexander: Mr. Bean. He’s so funny – like the one with the Christmas Turkey – did you see that? He reminds me of a lot of the people I meet here. British people are so funny, you know?

Michael: Yes… they can be. Okay, well, let’s get down to business. Can you tell me a little about your previous experience?

Alexander: My uncle managed a state-owned electronics company, and I helped him a lot as a kid. I would be perfect for this job.

Michael: That was in the Czech Republic?

Alexander: That’s right.

Michael: Okay. That sounds good.

Alexander: Except back then in the Czech Republic, it was not like “customer is king” – you know what I mean?

Michael: Right… We do try to put the customer first.

Alexander: Yeah, I was just kidding. Me too, of course.
Michael: Okay. I just saw a little gap here in your résumé… eighteen months… what were you doing?

Alexander: I was finishing my Master’s thesis on Ladislav Klima, the Czech novelist and philosopher. It was the most important thing in the world for me, so I had to take some time out.
Michael: That’s interesting.

Alexander: Yes, you know, and Ladislav Klima is my hero. He only ever took on short-term work, so I wanted to see the world through his eyes.

Michael: Right. Got that.

بخش دوم

Do everything by the book – Ball park number – Stand your ground – Have started on the wrong foot – Big picture – Take the driver s seat – Blow off steam – To get a lot out of previous failures – Every cloud has a silver lining – Be spot on – Excel in our objectives – Implement a proactive approach – An extra mile – Success is an uphill battle in this area

مکالمه دوم

Interviewer: Great, Yala, that covers previous experience. Now could you tell me a little about what you consider to be your most significant achievement?

Yala: Hmmm… let’s see. At the beginning of last year, global headquarters decided to harmonize the assessment and evaluation process for all business units worldwide into one global Performance Management System.

Interviewer: Uh huh. So like a single integrated system?

Yala: Exactly. It’s part of a global effort to provide a single interlinked database for human resources.

Interviewer: Sounds like a challenging project.

Yala: Yes, indeed. Especially because we only had 10 months to get it off the ground…

Interviewer: Really!

بخش سوم

productive – decisive – self-disciplined – accountable – passionate – conscientious – ingenious – innovative – robust – avid – energetic – determined problem solver – committed – industrious devoted – strong-willed – tireless – enthusiastic – vigorous – earnest – tenacious – amiable – supportive – amicable – courteous – tolerant